Thursday, July 3, 2008

Popular Haircuts for that short and sexy summer look!

If you are looking for ideas of popular haircuts, you’ve come to the right place. Short hairstyles are in right now, with celebrities donning cute bobs, or slicked-to-the-side crops.

Megan Ward works her hair well with a bob that’s angled and layered at the front. This gives the illusion of a faux fringe. To achieve this look, use a round brush and blow dry hair smoothly.

Christina Applegate’s hair is sassy but not too short. Her blonde bob is accentuated by a side swept bang, ending with loose curls, giving her hair lots of bounce and movement.

Like Eva Longoria’s hair? Get her great looking curls with a faux bob. This is a great way to look sexy with shorter hair.

Short retro haircuts are also in for the season. Jennifer Connelly’s dark wavy hair is reminiscent of the 30s. To create this let your hair dry halfway, then put on styling cream. Roll up the front with Velcro rollers. Once dry, you’ll get the wave just like Jennifer!

Kelly Clarkson’s hair is bouncy and simple, yet makes her look fantastic. All you need is to use a curling iron on the ends of your hair. If you want a loose curl, use a wide iron. For tighter curls, use a narrow iron size.

This Hilary Swank hairstyle is created with two sizes of Velcro rollers. For large soft waves at the top, use the bigger rollers, and work the smaller ones for the tighter curls at the side. Remember to use styling cream on half-dried hair before you roll Then, you can say that your popular haircut is just like Hilary Swank’s!


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